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images with text

I have done a few of these before (in digital playthings) and am trying to see if I can get a few more going. I mean, using text on top of my illustration. Here is another one.

trying to escape the dust and the rain
trying to escape the dust and the rain

animal characters in a boat

I have been doing further sketches of animals in a dinghy. I got the idea from some artist at some time of having a character in a small boat. It is an evocative theme, and has many associations,  – psychological, historical etc, so the putting animals in that scene seemed like a good idea.

I have usually put random animals in the scene, purely spontaneously, using them for their graphic and compositional qualities, without rhyme or reason: pig, horse, cow, kangaroo, cockatoo etc. Now I decided to start using the same characters to have some continuity, and they are, (for the time being): ape, possum, penguin and wombat. Looking up some reference, I was struck by how characterful are the faces of the Australian natives. Some of the wombats have human luck noses and nostril lobes, without the button type we usually associate with them. Also, possums and kangaroos likewise have very sensitive eyes.